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Modalities Offered

Though I have outlined the modalities as if they are separate, both are complementary and depending on the client’s energies may both be used in a session unless directed otherwise by the client. 

BIOFIELD TUNING is a powerful sound healing technique that helps relieve mental, emotional and physical stress. It uses tuning forks to assess where the body's energies are blocked, trapped or not in harmony. The vibration of the forks corrects the flow of these energies in your body's electromagnetic field and helps restore equilibrium in your energetic body which restores harmony in your physical body.

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A tuning fork introduces a coherent sound into the energy field allowing the body’s nervous system to release subtle or "frozen" energy that is creating dissonance in our lives. Activating a tuning fork in the biofield offers your body the information it needs to recalibrate itself. With Biofield Tuning, we can listen to the sounds produced by the tuning forks and hear the tonal soundtrack of any period of our lives, and we can make adjustments. Because of the way our memories and experiences are stored, we can work with them whether we consciously remember them or not. 

Biofield Tuning is an excellent way to resolve issues that have remained unchanged, even after extensive work in psychotherapy, bodywork, and other therapies. While it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, the outcome of this targeted relaxation can be immediate and profound, reducing anxiousness, discomfort, and other distresses during the session, with other benefits unfolding in the days following a session.

In this video, Eileen McKusick  founder of the Biofield Tuning method explains the concepts around how & why this modality works and demonstrates the idea of what to expect in a Biofield Tuning Session.

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ENERGY MEDICINE involves balancing and restoring your body’s natural energies for the purposes of increasing your vitality, strengthening your mental capacities, and optimizing your health.

The techniques used in sessions trace back to ancient healing and spiritual traditions such as yoga, tai chi, and acupuncture. You need not adhere to any particular set of beliefs or practices to get benefit from Eden Energy Medicine. The core concept is that your personal well-being is directly related to the state of your body’s energies.


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  • Become more self aware. Become more aware of your own energies and how they are affected by other people and events in your environment.

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety. Most people leave sessions feeling similar to after having a massage. 

  • Nervous system relaxation. When we balance the flow of electrical energy in our body, we are able to settle down more comfortably in this moment.

  • Emotional healing. When we learn how to accept and allow our emotions to be expressed and released instead of suppressed and judged, we find that we naturally flow from sadness to joy, from anger to forgiveness, from resistance to flow.

  • Transform limiting beliefs. Releasing stagnant emotions and stuck energetic patterns allows us to free ourselves from limiting beliefs and transform them into movement and flow for our highest and best good.



  • Energy wants to move and it wants to move in specific patterns.

  • Energy needs space to move.

  • All the body’s energies are inter-connected.

  • Your energy is affected by other people and events in your environment.

  • Energies adapt to circumstances using consistent priorities.

    • Survival

    • Move toward healthy functioning of core, essential systems, even at the expense of other, less crucial systems.

    • When not in conflict with the first two, support your intentions, both conscious and unconscious.

  • Energy can form habits that may not easily change, even when these habits are harmful.

  • The health of the body reflects the health of its energies.

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