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Group Events & Classes


Are you looking for a unique self-care activity to do with friends? I offer 45-60 minute Group Biofield Tuning Sessions.  

  • Distance Session

    • Participants can call in from their individual locations or get together as a group and call in as a group.

    • ​Pricing

      • 4-6 people: $15 per person​

      • 7+ people: $10 per person

  • In-Person​ Session

    • Participants come together in person to experience this group biofield tuning session​

    • Pricing​​

      • 4-6 people: $25 per person

      • 7+ people: $20 per person


We are on hiatus from classes at the moment - watch for them to restart in 2024!  


Energy Medicine Classes are held on a revolving schedule or when there is enough interest. Use the form on the right to let us know which topics you are most interested in!

  • Supporting Balanced Hormones

  • Reducing Stress & Anxiety

  • Resilient Parents, Thriving Children

  • Support for Pain

  • Sleep Support

  • Learn Energy Self-Testing

Event & Class Interest

Let us know what event or class you are interested in learning more about:

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