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  • Energy Medicine
    I encourage you to approach this non-invasive, powerful method with curiosity and discernment. If you have the following conditions, it does not mean that Energy Medicine should be avoided, in fact, it may be very beneficial. However, you should make your practitioner aware of any of the following conditions so that they can adapt protocols and sessions lengths accordingly. By sharing this information, Awakening Resilience, LLC does not accept responsibility for any possible outcomes. Active Cancer or Terminal Illness Pregnancy or Planning to Become Pregnant Heart Condition/Pacemaker Currently taking medications Concussion or head injury in the last 6 months Recent broken bones Metal plates or screws in the body Epilepsy/seizure disorder Obesity Diabetes Varicose veins
  • Biofield Tuning
    I encourage you to approach this non-invasive, powerful method with curiosity and discernment. The following information is obtained from the Biofield Tuning website and provided so that you can make the best decision for your well-being. Please note, we have not done extensive studies or organized research on these circumstances. This information is based on anecdotal experiences acquired through many sessions with Eileen McKusick and Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioners. Given this, consider limiting your use of tuning forks initially as a precautionary measure until you gain a sense of how your body responds. By sharing this information, Awakening Resilience, LLC does not accept responsibility for any possible outcomes. ACTIVE CANCER These statements refer to cancer that is active and/or in treatment; not to cancer that is in remission: Once cancer has advanced in the body, detox pathways are often compromised, and the body may have difficulty digesting newly introduced energetic input The body may not have the resources to effectively manage detox symptoms that may result from Biofield Tuning Eileen and other Biofield Tuning Practitioners have observed tumors may be irritated by tuning and as such, we suggest not applying forks directly on them END-OF-LIFE Biofield Tuning may overwhelm end-of-life body systems which are often in a depleted energetic state End-of-life detox may be uncomfortable as the body may not have the resources to effectively manage detox symptoms Components of Biofield Tuning have been used as a means of calming the nervous system during end-of-life circumstances to ease transition PREGNANCY During pregnancy, the body expends a tremendous amount of energy; Biofield Tuning may overwhelm this already overextended system The body may not have the resources to effectively manage detox systems which may affect both mother and baby Components of Biofield Tuning, such as using weighted forks on the body for limited duration, have been used to promote relaxation during pregnancy ELECTRICAL MEDICAL IMPLANTS (e.g., pacemaker, medtronic pumps, neural implants) Tuning forks may interfere with the electrical functioning of these devices due to the added vibrational input No reports of ill effects have been associated with newer pacemakers. Proceed with caution, careful observation, and the advice of your medical professional RECENT CONCUSSIONS When the brain is swollen, it takes time for inflammation to resolve. We suggest waiting at least 3 months after a significant injury for the brain to heal before receiving Biofield Tuning on or around the head. The rest of the body can receive gentle tuning shortly after injury occurs Each case is different – with mild concussions, components of Biofield Tuning may be used before the 3-month waiting period MORBID OBESITY Suppressed emotions and energy can be held in adipose tissue. If there is extensive adipose tissue, Biofield Tuning may result in unpredictable and strong emotional releases and/or uncomfortable detox responses Individuals may be more comfortable receiving Biofield Tuning while seated versus on a treatment table METAL TOXICITY A Biofield Tuning session may initiate a large release of toxins from cells, resulting in discomfort Some individuals with heavy metal toxicity have experienced a strong detox response following a Biofield Tuning session Consider seeking guidance for supplements that may support the detoxification process CONSIDERATIONS FOR USING WEIGHTED FORKS ON THE BODY VARICOSE VEINS Avoid using firm pressure with weighted forks directly over large varicose veins. This has the potential to dislodge blood clots Consider working gently with mild pressure in the area around varicose veins rather than directly on them No reports of ill effects have been associated with using gentle pressure on and around spider veins DENTAL ANOMALIES Avoid using direct pressure with weighted forks over dental implants, chipped/broken teeth, or bone fragments in the gums, as this may cause them to shift due to the vibration of the tuning fork FRACTURED BONES Avoid working with weighted forks directly on any recent broken or fractured bones, as the vibrational input can be uncomfortable and interfere with the natural healing process METAL IMPLANTS (e.g., metal rods, screws, plates) Direct pressure with weighted forks on these areas may cause discomfort In these circumstances, consider gentle use of the tuning forks until you gain a sense of how your body responds SPINAL DISK INJURIES (e.g., herniated, slipped, bulging, degenerative) Avoid working with weighted forks directly on spinal disc injuries CONSIDERATIONS WITH BIOFIELD TUNING AUDIO SESSIONS In the five years that Group Audio Sessions have been conducted by Eileen McCusick and Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioners, thousands of people have received them and very few adverse reactions have been reported. If you are interested in experiencing a Biofield Tuning Audio Session, we recommend paying close attention to how your body is feeling while listening. In all cases, we recommend trusting your own senses and choosing sessions accordingly.
  • Who may benefit from Biofield Tuning and Eden Energy Medicine?
    Clients who most benefit from Biofield Tuning and Eden Energy Medicine are those that are open to possibilities, welcome learning new things, motivated to take ownership of their own personal health and wellness, and ready to start prioritizing self-care. Prioritizing self care doesn’t mean daily two-hour long baths in lavender salts, ongoing and endless sessions (biofield tuning, energy medicine, massage, acupuncture, etc.) every single week, or always getting all of your food and drink intake “just right” (though all of that can be very supportive!). What it does mean is that you are actively working toward learning to listen to your physical, emotional, and energetic body and supporting it to the best of your ability. Perhaps that means sitting down with a good book and a cup of tea one day or taking a relaxing bath another day; scheduling a series of sessions; going for a scenic drive; or sometimes it’s just standing in the hallway taking a few deep breaths while chaos rains around you. It also means that you are open to working through physical and emotional traumas on a conscious and unconscious level so that you can experience long lasting relief from the effects of these old wounds.
  • What happens during an In-Person Biofield Tuning Session?
    During an in-person Biofield Tuning Session, the client lies fully clothed on a treatment table (much like a massage table) while the practitioner applies the handles of vibrating tuning forks to specific points on the client's body. Clients will feel the difference in the vibration of the tuning forks depending on which spot is being touched. The practitioner also slowly moves tuning forks over, or near, the recipient's body. Clients will also hear how the sound of the tuning fork changes depending on where the fork is held over the body. When working in the biofield, the practitioner works towards the body starting from about 5-6 feet away, listening for "noise" in the "signal" and feeling a sense of resistance. When they encounter an area of perturbation, they pause. The introduction of the coherent frequency of the tuning fork into a client's area of incoherence causes the body to “auto-tune” itself, resulting in a resolution of the "noise" and a releasing of the resistance held in relation to it. The resistance or charge that was held in that particular area is then dissolved and "swept back" into circulation. The simple action of treating areas of dissonance in a client's energy field creates targeted and immediate relaxation that can bring resolution to a wide variety of ailments.
  • What happens during an In-Person Eden Energy Medicine Session?
    During an in-person Eden Energy Medicine Session, the client lies fully clothed on a treatment table (much like a massage table) while the practitioner uses energy testing to assess your energies to identify imbalances in the energy field. Energy testing involves using light pressure applied to your outstretched arm. This is a way of assessing how your energies are flowing through specific areas of your body and may help us identify techniques that would be most beneficial for you. Techniques to rebalance your energies may include the use of certain postures or movements; or holding, pressing on, tracing, or circling over specific areas (acupressure points, chakras, meridians, etc.).
  • How many sessions do I need to experience before I can expect to receive benefits?
    Biofield Tuning and Energy Medicine is cumulative; every session builds on the one prior to it. Like chiropractors train the bones or physical therapists train the muscles to find their balanced relationship, Biofield Tuning and Energy Medicine trains the magnetic/electric system of the body to flow in a balanced and rhythmically harmonious manner. If a person has had long-term, extreme, non-beneficial inputs, it will take longer to achieve balance. Generally, a minimum of three sessions is recommended to begin. Often, you can see positive shifts in the presenting challenge within three sessions. If there is no positive shift in the challenge after three sessions then it is possible that Biofield Tuning will not be able to help with that particular challenge, or it could just mean that additional sessions are needed.
  • Can you cure or treat what ails me?
    Biofield Tuning and Energy Medicine Practitioners do not diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any medical problems or psychological disorders, nor is it a substitute for seeking professional health care advice and services. That said, sound and energy healing techniques complement and support conventional medical care. Energy Medicine attempts to optimize the body’s overall health and vitality by stimulating our innate health-promoting mechanisms that restore the body’s natural state of well-being.
  • Does Biofield Tuning work on animals?
    Animals respond beautifully to Biofield Tuning. Biofield Tuning has helped pets stop being fearful of thunder, more trusting of strangers, stop fussing with hotspots, and generally enter a healthier, relaxed state. Pets respond well to in-person Biofield Tuning and also when they receive Biofield Tuning from a distance (aka known as "distance work"). Contact Shawna to discuss your interest.
  • What are the healing reactions that can occur?
    Biofield Tuning and Energy Medicine recipients may experience a variety of healing reactions (aka "detox response") after a session. This is completely normal and means the body is releasing stress and trauma. Generally, these symptoms pass within 1-3 days. The following are possible symptoms of detox: Fatigue Emotional releases – crying, being angry, sadness Increased elimination or loose stools Exhaustion Headaches and/or dizziness Flu-like symptoms In very rare instances - skin rashes, mucus, fevers, vomiting, excessive thirst Feelings of uncertainty Increase sensitivity If you are having a healing reaction from your session - especially if it is an extreme response - I highly recommend that you reach out. I will work with you to support you through your detox and schedule another session to help further shift the energies.
  • What can I do to get the most out of my sessions?
    Though important everyday, it is particularly important to be well-hydrated before a session, and to continue to hydrate the rest of the day. I recommend that you take a bath with epsom salt at some point during the day of their session. If you don’t have a bathtub, a foot soak with epsom salt works well, too. I may also give you energy exercises such as the Daily Energy Routine. Some people feel very energized after a session while others feel a bit tired later in the day and will benefit from going to bed early. The effects of sessions tend to deepen over several days.
  • How much do sessions cost?
    Full sessions are $160 per session or $380 for a package of 3. I highly recommend booking three sessions over a three to four week period. This will give you a very good idea of the benefits. Booking a package of 3 saves you $100 over purchasing the sessions individually. We also offer "Short & Sweet" sessions for those with limited time and resources. My prices are such that I do not expect or desire tips. If you feel strongly about providing a tip, your tip will be donated to a local charity. I offer up to 3 spots per month for those with limited budgets or resources. If you feel this is you, please feel free to contact me about availability.
  • How long are sessions?
    Standard sessions are generally between 60-90 minutes. The price remains the same regardless of the length, unless you desire a session longer than 90 minutes. You may be wondering, “why isn’t it cheaper for 60 minutes and more expensive for 90?” At its most basic level, it comes down to wanting to be able to be flexible and support your energy for the time it needs. Most sessions will likely be closer to 60-75 minutes long, but there may be times when 90 minutes will feel more supportive. I prefer not to have to charge people more because it took a bit longer, so I have priced my sessions and blocked my time accordingly. I recommend planning for 90 minutes and if the session is less time, then consider what additional self care you could do during that time that may benefit you and the integration process. Here is a list of self-care suggestions if you need ideas. Strapped for time? If you have limited time on a particular day and wish to have a session closer to 60 minutes, let me know at the start of our session. You might also consider choosing one of our “Short & Sweet” sessions, which are generally 30-45 minutes in length.
  • What should I wear to my sessions?
    While on the massage table, clients are fully clothed except for their shoes and possibly some jewelry. I recommend wearing comfortable clothing including socks (pants are recommended rather than skirts).
  • Why do New Clients need to sign up for a consultation? I'm ready to get started!
    Prior to signing up for a full session, new clients are asked to video conference with the practitioner for 15-20 minutes. This is important for a number of reasons including the fact that our best healing is done when we are comfortable and have a practitioner that is the right fit for our needs. It also gives the practitioner an opportunity to learn more about your challenges and what your goals are for the sessions so they can best serve you.
  • What happens if I decide to change practitioners, will you be offended?
    Not at all! Never feel bad about deciding a practitioner is no longer a good fit for you. As time progresses, you may find another practitioner that you resonate with differently that you want to try. In fact, you may decide to have multiple practitioners of varying modalities (or even the same modality) because at different times you need different things and each practitioner brings their own energies and techniques to the table. I understand that energy needs flow and change as we continue on our journey. Do what is right and beneficial for you!
  • What energy systems do you work with?
    The primary energy systems that I work with in my practice are: Biofield or Aura - referred to as the Biofield (or just field) in Biofield Tuning and the Aura in Energy Medicine. It is your outermost energy system that extends out from the body and is shaped like a torus (doughnut-shaped), similar to the earth’s magnetosphere. Meridians - the 14 energy pathways that serve as the body’s energy bloodstream. Chakras - the 7 major chakras are situated along the spine and are swirling disks of energy that encode and process physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences. There are additional minor chakras throughout the body including the hands, feet, and knees. Radiant Circuits - also referred to as Strange Flows or Extraordinary Vessels in ancient Chinese medicine. These are subtle energy flows that support all of the other energy systems. Triple Warmer - both a meridian and a radiant circuit and we therefore call it out as an individual system as it plays so many roles. Celtic Weave - closely connected to the aura and supports other energy systems such as the Radiant Circuits and Triple Warmer. Five Rhythms - also referred to as Five Elements. A person’s primary Rhythm impacts the way all other energies appear and communicate. Electrics - composed of the electrical aspects of all of the other energy systems.
  • I want to surprise my friend or family member with sessions, can I buy a gift certificate?
    Gift certificates for friends or family can be purchased, just reach out to me directly to discuss. Unless you know for sure that your friend or family member has been wanting sessions, I ask that you talk with them BEFORE purchasing a gift certificate to ensure this is something they are interested in. Consent and communication between the person receiving the session and the practitioner is important and surprise sessions should not be booked for another person.
  • What is a distance Biofield Tuning session?
    A distance Biofield Tuning session is when a Biofield Tuning Practitioner works with a client or clients who are not in the same room with the practitioner. The distance between the Practitioner and the receiver does not matter.
  • What is audio Biofield Tuning?
    Audio Biofield Tuning is much like a distance Biofield Tuning session except instead of working with a Practitioner in real time, the recipient is listening to a pre-recorded session targeted to a specific area and/or concern. Audio sessions may be listened to at your leisure.
  • What can I expect from a one-on-one distance session?
    During a one-on-one distance session a client reclines comfortably at home and connects with the practitioner via phone or Zoom. The session is conducted in the same manner as if both people were in the same room. The practitioner is able to find the same patterns of feedback variation as they move through the field around the recipient's body from a distance as if they were actually there. If preferred by the client, the practitioner may work without a live connection, but rather with intention and then connect with the client afterwards to discuss the session.
  • My family (or friend) would benefit from a session, but they don't want one. Will you do a distance session on them without their knowledge?
    I am happy to work on your friend or family member, IF they give permission for me to do so. I will not practice Biofield Tuning or Energy Medicine at a distance (or in person) on someone who has not agreed to receive the work. While you may have a friend or family member that you want to help, consent and communication between the person receiving the session and the practitioner is important.
  • What can I expect from a group distance session?
    In a group distance session, participants connect by phone or video-conferencing to listen to a one hour audio broadcast of the Practitioner working within the “collective energetic field.” The Practitioner works within the field of “everyone present on the live call and anyone who will listen to the call in the future.” Participants of multiple sessions report feeling more resilient, clear, grounded, lighter and experiencing a wide variety of diminished symptoms.
  • How are audio and distance sessions even possible?
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