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Employee Wellness & Community Events


Are you looking to expand your employee or volunteer wellness programs? All classes can be customized for your organization. Materials can be adapted from a 30 minute “Lunch & Learn” to a 1-2 hour workshop on a specific topic.


Topics may include:

  • Reducing Stress & Anxiety

  • Maintaining Focus & Productivity

  • Group Biofield Tuning Session

These programs can be held virtually to support remote employees and volunteers or in-person as a team building activity.

We also offer individual Biofield Tuning Session Seated Chair Sessions which take about 20-30 minutes per individual and are excellent to help reduce stress in your employees shoulders from sitting at a desk all day.

Want to know more?  Use the Event Interest Form on this page to contact us about your interest.


Biofield Tuning Seated Chair Sessions are a lovely addition to any health fair, conference, or expo. Booth needs:

  • 2 chairs

  • 1 small table to place tuning forks and marketing materials

  • Booth dimensions

    • 6-8 feet across

    • 4-6 feet deep

Want us to join you at your event?  Use the Event Interest Form on this page to contact us about your interest

Event Interest

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