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Transforming your social media presence from a sporadic effort to a strategic powerhouse can be a game-changer for your holistic healing practice. As a fellow sound and energy healing practitioner, I've discovered the immense value of planning social media content in advance. That's why I'm thrilled to introduce my Marketing Content Planner, designed to seamlessly complement your journey with my Business Resource Kit.


Within this dynamic spreadsheet, you'll uncover a treasure trove of tools to elevate your social media game:

  • Follower Tracking: Gain insights into your audience's preferences by monitoring follower count fluctuations. This invaluable data empowers you to tailor your content to resonate deeply with your clients and followers.

  • Thematic Brilliance: Unleash your creativity with dedicated tabs for Monthly and Weekly Themes. Whether it's "Expanding Self-Love" for April or "Testimonial Tuesday," these themes serve as springboards for engaging and impactful posts.

  • Hashtag Heaven: Say goodbye to endless scrolling for the perfect hashtags. Our Frequently Used Hashtags tab ensures easy access to your go-to hashtags, streamlining your posting process.

  • Effortless Planning: With tabs spanning every month from 2023 to 2024, you can chart your social media journey weeks or even months in advance. From post titles to post types, giveaways, and purpose, each element is meticulously organized for maximum efficiency.


By integrating our Marketing Content Planner into your toolkit, you're not just scheduling posts; you're crafting a compelling narrative that resonates deeply with your audience. Whether you're aiming to inspire, educate, or uplift, this planner empowers you to amplify your presence across social media platforms with ease.


As you navigate the dynamic world of holistic healing, let my Marketing Content Planner be your steadfast companion, guiding you towards greater visibility, connection, and impact. Together with the Business Resource Kit, it's a holistic approach to entrepreneurship that empowers you to thrive in every aspect of your practice.

Marketing Content Planner (2024-2025)

$30.00 Regular Price
$22.22Sale Price
  • Your purchase of this product is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Commercial utilization is not permitted. Reselling, redistribution, or sharing of this product, whether in whole or in part, with or without alterations, is strictly forbidden.

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